Sedation Dentistry in Naples, FL

In 1799, the term laughing gas was coined by a chemist and inventor named Humphry Davy. To learn how the gas may affect people who inhale it, Davy self-administered the drug and cataloged his findings. His early research paved the way for sedation dentistry in Naples, FL!

How Sedation Works

If you fret the dentist to the point of anxiety attacks, sedation will make your visit much easier and less stressful. However, dental sedation utilizes a different sedative than what is commonly supplied by other doctors. There are specific reasons why laughing gas is the preferred choice for dentists. We use nitrous oxide (N2O), which you probably know as laughing gas. This is a very mild sedative which is wonderful for pain management and dentophobia. Despite its name, it won’t make you laugh, at least not much. The most prominent reason for its use is because it doesn’t induce sleep. Although other sedatives knock you out, that wouldn’t work for dental care. For all dentistry, the patients will need to be awake and alert enough to respond.

When Will Dentists Use Sedatives?

We provide laughing gas for a variety of reasons that all strive for the same goal. Sedation dentistry is comfort dentistry. The following reasons are why we offer sedation to all of our patients: A lot of times, children have a fear of dentistry, which is understandable. However, a bad experience as a child can invoke fear in adults. Sedation can silence their fearful, racing thoughts to deliver the quality care that everyone needs. Fear if pain is also a reason why many avoid the dentist. Even a simple checkup and cleaning may prove to be too painful for those with hypersensitive teeth. For these scenarios, we would much rather put you under than have you wince under our touch.

Can Anyone be Sedated?

Unfortunately, sedation with nitrous oxide isn’t for everyone. While it’s a safe drug for most when administered under professional supervision, certain pre-existing conditions may exclude you. Conditions such as obesity or a chronic respiratory ailment may render you ineligible. With all drugs and substances, there are side effects. Two which you’ll enjoy are feeling carefree and immunity to pain. However, there are more severe side effects than the two intended, making recreational use so dangerous. Side effects include: Many of our patients ask us how it feels to take laughing gas. We tell all of our patients that they can expect to feel lightheaded, tingling across their body, as well as a numbing sensation. The tingling sensation that you feel is what commonly triggers laughing when under the effects.

Are you Looking for Sedation Dentistry in Naples, FL?

Our highly trained staff have been administering sedatives for pain management and fear tolerance for years and are eager to help you too! We understand that dentophobia prevents many worldwide from having excellent oral hygiene. Contact us today to learn if sedation dentistry is right for you or your child.