Invisalign® in Naples, FL

For decades, those with crooked or misaligned teeth have turned to dentists for braces. However, braces have many cons, starting with their aesthetic appearance. However, Invisalign®, in Naples, FL, offers an alternative.

What is Invisalign?

A fantastic alternative to braces, Invisalign is a clear aligner that functions similarly to braces. The main difference is these don’t permanently attach to your pearly whites. Instead, these are routinely replaced every 1-2 weeks in most of our patients. Unlike braces, these don’t rely on metal wires to realign teeth to their correct positions. Instead, each aligner you receive we based on x-rays and photographs that we take during your first appointment. Doing so allows us to craft a series of invisible straighteners, which have progressively straighter molds over time. These slots are slightly straighter than your pearlies, which will apply pressure on each tooth. This slight nudging pressure will align your tooth safely over time, so do feel any pain. While you won’t experience pain, you’re likely to have a sore jaw and teeth. Since your teeth are shifting in their sockets, this is bound to aggravate the nerve endings beneath the enamel. Additionally, while your teeth might not hurt, jaw pain can be a sign of tooth despair and vice versa.

Benefits of Clear Aligners?

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), their comprised of thermoplastics, which is a Class II medical device according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This material allows these straighteners to be nearly invisible! With it carries several benefits. Another benefit is that you won’t need to visit your dentist as often. With braces, you would need to schedule periodic visits for them to be adjusted. Instead, you will receive a set of aligners that lets you progress through the stages on your own. Living with braces can be challenging since many of your favorite foods you’ll have to give up until you can have them removed. Often, snacking on harder food items and chewy ones could damage braces. If you like popcorn, gum, apples, or nuts, clear aligners are for you. Additionally, eating is much easier with aligners than braces. For best results, you’ll need to wear them for at least 20 hours per day. So, while eating, you can feel free to remove them. Lastly, with braces, food would have a higher chance of sticking to your teeth which with these, you’ll avoid.

How to Care for Teeth and Invisible Aligners?

Aligners are very easy to keep clean. The first step is to remove them and proceed to brush and floss as you usually would. Next, you will need to brush the aligners with toothpaste using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Be careful of squeezing them too hard or dropping them, as those are great ways to break them.

Looking for Invisalign in Naples, FL?

If you suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth, let our team take a look. We have been helping patients reclaim their smiles for over 30 years! Contact us today to set an appointment or to ask us any questions you may have. **Invisalign®, the Invisalign logo, and iTero®, among others, are trademarks and/ or service marks of Align Technology, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and may be registered in the U.S. and/or other countries.