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What are the best dentures at Naples, Fl? While dentists continue to utilize classical dentures, hybrids may be the better choice. They offer a greater level of ease that traditional models never could.

What are Hybrid Dentures?

These dentures are a cross between dentures and fixed bridges. Hybrid dentures are a set of new permanent teeth that attach to the jawbones. Like standard implants, these undergo the osseointegration process, meaning they become permanently fused to the bone.

Perks of Hybrid Dentures

Unlike classical forms of artificial teeth, these remain in place at all times. This simple characteristic brings with it a slew of benefits that trump dentures of the past, which routinely must be removed.

Feel More Natural

Since these screw into your mandible or maxilla, these maximize your crushing power. Since no adhesives are needed, the bond isn't liable to loosen at inconvenient moments. There may not be a more embarrassing moment in life than when your teeth dislodge during eating, talking, or kissing. Eating and drinking with traditional dentures can be a rather bland experience. This is a result of a design flaw that hybrid dentures improved on. The old denture roofs would block the feel of food and drink and dampen the taste. Since these take the place of your prior teeth, there are no sensory barriers. Lastly, these are the most natural solution. Since they remain in your, they won't feel as if they're foreign. This also lets you fall in line with convention brushing and flossing guidelines. These are superior to traditional dentures in the aesthetics department.


The lack of removability allows for easier maintenance and cleaning. Much like you would with your teeth, you'll brush and floss these daily. No longer will you need to take them out to rinse and soak overnight, instead, treat them as teeth. However, in doing so, you will need to clean them properly. Brush in circular patterns to ensure the removal of all plaque and tartar. Even though they're artificial, plaque and tartar can still damage them. Once plaque forms on your dentures, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If this occurs, you could develop adverse conditions such as gingivitis or, worse, gum disease. Proper hygienic care and regular checkups are vital in preventing their onset. The longer the plaque and bacteria linger on your dentures, the more acid they produce. The acid is the key contributor to the breaking down of enamel, porcelain dentures, and gums. However, without plaque buildup, bacteria can't grow.

The lifespan of Hybrid Dentures

Assuming you brush twice a day and floss once, you can expect a lifetime of use barring unforeseen obstacles. Whereas other dentures may last 10+ years, these could be a lifetime investment if you care and maintain them.

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