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When the term dental crown comes up in conversation casual conversation, are you well versed? It's fair to ask if it's part of the anatomy or a procedure. We're your one-stop-shop for everything involving dental crowns in Naples, Florida.

What are Dental Crowns?

While you can get dental crowns at your local dentist, crowns are a part of your anatomy. Teeth consist of three parts: cementum (root), dental cervix(neck), and crown (cap). Most of the time, you'll only see your crowns. Crowns, enamel, and the cementum protect the dentin and pulp beneath. These are the softer inner layers. While injury to the exterior enamel isn't usually serious, damaging the inner layers of your teeth is. While the tooth's exterior isn't considered alive, the pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and tissues, making it the only living part of your pearly whites. Treatment for injuries to these layers extends beyond the capabilities of cosmetic dentistry.

Potential Crown Injuries

Crowns are, without question are the most heavily used part of the tooth. Each bite you take, you use your crowns to chew and grind. Despite their durability, these are common ways for crowns to break: Having the right toothbrush is critical to proper oral hygiene. The wrong combination of too forceful brushing and the wrong brush can lead to expedient enamel wear. Not only that, it can cause gum harm which could lead to harming the dental cervix or cementum. The most common issue we see with teeth are cracks and chips. Injuries of this nature occur from chewing hard foods and blunt impact.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Swapping enamel for porcelain is a five-step process. Like dentures, we start by taking impressions of both arches (upper and lower), which become the blueprints for your new crowns. The second step is the preparation stage. This entails shaving off additional enamel so that the overlay crown looks natural. If not completed, the new crowns will look out of place and larger than the rest. Once done, the third step is to take an impression of the filed-down tooth to make sure the new crown will fit over it seamlessly. Next, we will fit you with a temporary crown. Not only does this protect the exposed tooth, but it ensures that it won't shift out of position. You'll have this crown until your permanent one arrives, which usually takes two weeks, which you'll be notified and advised to set your next appointment. Finally, your last appointment will begin with a thorough cleaning. Once the tooth is sparkling clean, the new crown is tested, and minor adjustments are made if needed. Once we confirm a snug fit, we will secure it with permanent dental glue made from zinc phosphate.

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