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Tooth Removals

Tooth Removal in Naples, FL

Why Tooth Removals Are Still Necessary Today


Tooth removals, which are also known as dental extractions or exodontias, were already part of dental practice since the ancient times. This would not surprise you since tooth decay has been around longer. Today, many advancements and various options in dentistry are available to minimize the need for teeth extractions. Thus, extracting a tooth is not the only cure to modern dental problems.


Severe tooth decay is a primordial and still prevalent reason that makes it necessary. Non-functioning, non-restorable teeth, may need to be removed to prevent decay or damage to other more useful, healthy and/ or properly aligned teeth.


Teeth subjected to severe trauma that can no longer be repaired need to be extracted to prevent further complications like infection, decay, and more damage. One who undergoes radiation therapy might need to have his or her teeth removed if is it will get in the way of the therapy. 


Tooth removals are also an option for cosmetic purposes. Unhealthy teeth, which are beyond repair, can be removed and replaced by  partial dentures, dental bridges, implants or other cosmetic procedures.


Wisdom Tooth Removals


Wisdom teeth usually come out between the ages of 17 and 25 years. Frequently there is no room in the mouth for wisdom teeth, and they may cause headaches, pain in the jaw/gums, infections, damage to healthy teeth and many other problems. Hence, depending on the condition of your wisdom teeth, signs and symptoms, you have the option to remove them. 

Why I should not be nervous if a need a Tooth Removal or Wisdom Teeth Removals

Modern dentistry, and a skilled dentist can ensure that the tooth removal procedure is done comfortably. At Naples Dental Studio we have many years of experience in extracting unhealthy teeth and wisdom teeth. Our skilled staff, with the help of local dental anesthesia and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation the procedure is usually painless, comfortable and efficient.

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Tooth Removals