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Root Canal Therapy

 Root Canal Therapy in Naples, FL


Root Canal Therapy is your best option if you want to keep your natural teeth but remove all those things that inflame and contribute to decay of the your tooth or teeth. Root canals are usually done when the pulp tissue has been  infected, or when the tooth breaks or is damaged from trauma.


Most patient who had a well-executed root canal therapy, have perfectly healthy teeth. They did not need further invasive dental work on the teeth fixed by root canal therapy.


How Would You Know If You Need a Root Canal Therapy?


Pain is usually the first symptom of a problem tooth/teeth. In order to consider if a root canal procedure is your best option, you must seek professional help immediately. The dentist will examine, test and X-ray your tooth to determine what the diagnosis and appropriate treatment are.

Root Canal Therapy

If you are worried about the pain that surrounds this therapy, please rest assured that at Naples Dental Studio our goal is to ensure that you are conformable during the entire procedure . Most patients report that root canal therapy is as uncomfortable as placing a filling in a tooth. There is an approximately 95% success rate for this procedure, depending on the individual situation and presentation.

What to Expect with Root Canal Therapy ?


Your dentist will use different sets of instruments to go into the pulp chamber and get rid of the contaminated pulp. Following this,  infected tooth will be meticulously cleaned and ready for filling. Then, your dentist will seal up the open tooth by filling up the chamber and the root canal. If necessary, your tooth will also be fitted with a dental crown to strengthen it and prevent further fracturing.



What to Do to Fully Recover From the Therapy?


Fast recovery is normal after a root canal. Most patients go back to their normal routine or work right away. Expect a little sensitivity from inflamed tissues surrounding the tooth for a few days. Your dentist will also advise you to stay away from hard food. When you have to chew, chew away from your recovering tooth. . Pain medication is given to patients to manage any discomfort from root canal therapy.

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Root Canal Therapy