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Gum Reshaping and Closing Tooth Gaps

Gum Reshaping and Closing Tooth Gaps in Naples


Our Gum Reshaping and Tooth Gap Treatments

In order to restore your mouth to deliver optimal health and comfort, Naples Dental Studio provides patients with various cosmetic, dental and orthodontic procedures that will benefit their health and their confidence. Among these services are gum reshaping and tooth gap services, which are great ways to adjust your teeth without going through an invasive procedure.


When you have healthy, pink, well-contoured gum tissue, your teeth are nicely framed and complemented. However, gums that are not properly taken care of can become red, swollen and unsymmetrical, detracting from your healthy teeth. Unsymmetrical gum tissue could be lower on some teeth than other, creating an appearance of uneven teeth, or exposing too much gum tissue.


Gum shaping, also called gum contouring, esthetically improves your smile and overall appearance. In this cosmetic procedure, the staff at Naples Dental Studio will sculpt the gum tissue with a laser, sealing the tissue to promote less bleeding, faster healing, and eliminating the need for sutures. Our goal is to help your tissue heal quickly with minimal discomfort.


Do you have chipped or spaced teeth, or teeth that aren’t the right shape or size to fit in well with the others? Naples Dental Studio also offers procedures to close tooth gaps that will improve your smile without injections or drills.  Closing tooth gaps requires minimal adjustments to your teeth to help reshape and level your smile. Composite bonding techniques and materials are used to reshape your teeth, matching and polishing the material so it looks just like your natural teeth.


Gum reshaping and tooth gap bonding can not only provide you with better periodontal and dental care for the future, but also lengthen the appearance of your teeth and improve your confidence in your smile. For more information on gum reshaping and repairing tooth gaps, call us at (239) 262-4595 to make an appointment or simply fill out the form on the left-hand side of this page.