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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Naples, FL


About Dental Implants

The process of dental implants placement may vary from patient to patient, but the underlying principles basically remain the same. The dentist will plan out the treatment which will consist of Implant placement and restoration. Treatment planning is the most important process of dental implant treatment.


The dentist starts by studying the upper and lower teeth. A variety of dental x-rays will be taken. Today you will find that it is common for a dentist to take CT scan of the jaw. Mock dentures of the missing teeth in the form of a Waxup may be prepared to help the patient as well as the dentist to get an idea of the final result. Once the planning is done and process and sequence of the treatment is finalized, the patient is presented with details of the treatment proposed. the time span, and the costs involved. This will depend on the number of implants, their size and type.

How does it work and how long does it take?

Most dental implant placements are completed within a short time and are done under local anesthesia. The patients may be surprised at how little time the whole procedure takes. It is in fact much faster than getting a root canal done. Only in rare cases, the procedure can get complicated and may require general anesthesia. During the final restoration, impressions are taken, and crowns and/or bridges are made for the corresponding implants.
In most cases, dental implant treatment takes place in two stages. The implants are positioned under the gums, in the jaw bone, and the gums are allowed to heal over the implants. The healing period may last from 1 to 6 months. Atthe next stage, impressions are taken and restorations are prepared to fit to the implants.

What do I have to do start the process?

The superiority of tooth implants has lead to their rising popularity and an increasing number of dentists who are offering these treatments. You should always consult a qualified and experienced dentist before undergoing implant treatment. Some cases may simple, others may be more complex. The number of implants you need will have a the direct impact on the costs involved. Those who have lost almost all their teeth will need a more complex treatment approach. For example, bone grafting surgery can add to the costs and time involved.


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