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Broken Teeth

Emergency Broken Tooth Treatment in Naples

Getting treatment for Broken Teeth

One of the most common of dental problems that people have to deal with are the broken or chipped teeth. There could be various reasons behind chipped teeth. Perhaps the person had an accident, tripped and fell down, or any other incident that exposed the teeth to any hard surface. Many people have the habit of chewing on hard foods. Such abuse can often result in a break or chip. Although our teeth are quite strong and can deal with most foods of different kinds, still we should be careful about using them and take care so as to avoid any chipped or broken teeth.

In case you have to deal with a broken or chipped tooth, you should get in touch with your dentist immediately. The sooner you reach for help, the greater are the chances of your teeth getting saved and less chances of getting into any other complications.
The cosmetic dentist has the latest and advanced procedures at their disposal to deal with broken teeth. They will need to assess the damage first and then propose treatment in order to correct the damage. There are different ways to deal with chips and breaks.
Filing and polishing 

If a tooth is slightly chipped or broken, the dentist may simply file it down and polish it to round off any sharp edges. This is the simplest of all treatments for the broken teeth, but is employed only if the chip is small.



In case the tooth is missing large portion, or has a big crack, the dentist may advise a crown. In this treatment, a solid protective cap is placed over the damaged tooth. The purpose is to offer protection to the natural tooth, restore its shape, function and appearance.



If the chip is big but not too big, then all you may need is a bonded filling. This restorative procedure is used for bigger cracks. A resin based composite is placed and bonded to the tooth and it looks natural. The tooth is then finally shaped and polished.



If the damage is severe and there is no way the tooth can be saved, then the only solution is to extract the tooth and replace it with a false tooth. The dentist may use dental implant, denture or a bridge.


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