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Aesthetic Partial and Complete Dentures

Dentures in Naples, FL

Aesthetic Partial and Complete Dentures

Top Things to Expect When Getting Aesthetic Partial and Complete Dentures


Although other dental alternatives have been made in recent years, aesthetic partial and complete dentures are still the go-to relatively simple  solutions for missing teeth. Teeth are important for people to lead happy and productive lives. 


Despite your diligent efforts to protect your teeth, teeth can still be vulnerable to trauma, decay, or other problems. If you find yourself in need of teeth or tooth replacement, would aesthetic partial and complete dentures be the perfect solution to get back your lost teeth?


How Soon Can You Use the Aesthetic Partial and Complete Dentures?


Complete conventional dentures can be made available either immediately or within a few weeks after the entire set of your teeth have been removed. Complete immediate dentures can be made even before you get your teeth removed. Thus, you can wear them immediately without waiting toothless for a certain period.

Partial removable dentures (or permanent non-removable fixed bridges) are more commonly made. These  may be indicated for patients who had some of their decayed or damaged teeth removed but still have some healthy teeth with unsightly gaps. Bridges are permanently placed in the mouth to replace the missing teeth. By doing so, the rest of your natural teeth will not move or migrate. Both types of dentures (removable and permanent) can last for a long time.


Changes You May Experience with your Aesthetic Partial and Complete Dentures


Initially when wearing your dentures, they may be slightly uncomfortable and you may feel slight soreness in your gums. If you are worried about any facial changes, you won’t have to worry about that since the dentures are modeled closely to look like natural teeth.



Taking Care of Your Aesthetic Partial and Complete Dentures


Right after receiving your dentures, you may be told by your dentist to wear them and try eating soft foods, practice speaking in front of a mirror and look for any signs of soreness in the gums, natural teeth or any other issues.

You may want to use denture adhesives at the advice of your dentists. Not all patients can use dental adhesives, though. For an example, if you are allergic to some ingredients used to make it, you should not use it.  Also, after having a new denture made, you will likely have to return to your dentist for adjustments. Do not be frustrated-this is normal, and it may take several adjustments to obtain an optimal fit.


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Aesthetic Partial and Complete Dentures



Aesthetic Partial  Dentures