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Cleanings and Exams

Cleanings and Exams for Children and Adults in Naples, FL

Non-Scary, Comfortable and Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams for Children and Adults


Dental Cleanings and Exams for Children and Adults is the first step to determine the exact status of one’s oral health. Dental appointments can be uncomfortable for some people, especially children, because they expect pain and weird-looking instruments to be inserted in their mouths-at Naples Dental Studio we strive to make dental check-ups and cleanings comfortable and stress-free to adults and children alike . 


 Neglecting your teeth by skipping regular check-up and cleanings  may lead to complications that may involve significant and costly treatment.  Therefore regular cleanings and exams for children and adults  are the best, simple and cost-effective ways of preventing dental disease.

What to Expect: Dental Exams


A regular exam will involve examining the oral cavity and finding out if any dental treatment is needed. Radiographs  (X-rays)  are necessary to determine if there is any dental disease that is not evident by simply visually examining teeth and gums. X-rays can also detect if there are tumors, cysts, or bone loss occurring around oral structures.


Tooth decay, which is very common in children and adolescents, will be examined by checking the surface of each tooth more thoroughly. Current restorations or work done on your teeth (such as crowns, fillings, missing teeth, and other dental information) at the time of your regular dental exam will be noted in your dental records.

Gum disease and oral cancer are also part of the extensive evaluation. In case of gum disease, your dentist will examine your gums and the bone that surrounds your teeth. In case of oral cancer, the dentist will examine not only your teeth and gums but also your throat, tongue, lips, face, and neck.


What to Expect: Cleaning


There is  nothing to worry about when it comes to dental cleaning. Brushing teeth and flossing can keep the teeth clean. But there can be surfaces and spaces that are hard to reach for proper cleaning. Thus, plaque and tartar can start building up.

Dental cleaning is a very thorough procedure using specialized tools to remove the build-up of unwanted plaque, tartar, bacterial colonies, and food debris clinging on the teeth and gums. It is also an opportunity to remove teeth stains caused by food and drinks like coffee, tea, or chocolate.


There is absolutely nothing to worry about, and it is pretty simple. Adults and children  can maintain optimal dental health by keeping their regular appointments for cleanings and exams.


While many children fear  seeing a dentist,  preparing them for  having regular visits with a dentist is a part of good parenting and will help keep their teeth and gums healthy . A thorough dental exam for every member of the family will surely make everyone develop a healthy dental lifestyle which is conducive to an overall good health.  


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