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Bite Adjustments and Corrections

Bite Adjustments And Corrections At Naples Dental Studio

There are various types of treatments for bite adjustments and corrections which are  offered at Naples Dental Studio. However, you would have to know the kind of treatment that would be indicated for you.

Irrespective of how good a smile you have or how brilliant your teeth are, there may be some sort of misalignment in your teeth which would call for bite adjustments and corrections. Typically, when one bites, the upper teeth set should sit just slightly over the lower teeth set.  People from different demographics would have various types of jaws hence the maxillary and mandibular sections would not always be of the same alignment.  Depending on a specific jaw structure and the facial bones, one has to determine if there is any requirement of bite adjustments and corrections.

Now, the treatment options available ate Naples Dental sSudio may be surgical or non surgical. The severity of the problem would determine the treatment for bite adjustments and corrections. Depending on the nature of the misalignment a dentist  may suggest braces which would correct the bite, or recommend night guards or use tooth reshaping. Tooth replacement and reconstruction are surgical treatments may also be needed in some cases.


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