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Dear Dr. Al Djindil & Dr. Andrea Cameron,

I want to thank you for taking such good care of me after coming to you with a dental emergency. I spent the better part of Christmas Day 2009 in pain. When I called you the next day you were so kind and helpful. You got me in right away and took care of ALL my dental problems (there are many!).  The root canal was painless!  I have never liked going to the dentist because it gives me quite a bit of anxiety. You both made me feel so comfortable- even giving me a pillow in the chair! I was so impressed with your work and your staff.  You both are by far the best dentists I have ever had. Thanks again for treating me so nice and being SO good at what you do!


Cassandra E.

Dear Dr. Cameron,

I was and am so pleased with the results! I can’t stop looking in the mirror. My teeth have never looked so good.

Thanks a million.

Paula B.

Dear Dr. Al Djindil,

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have taken my fear of dentist away and I actually look forward to my continual visits with you.


Janice S.

Dear Dr. Cameron and Staff,

So afraid when I first came didn’t think in my wildest dreams I could be so comfortable in the chair. I will be back with no fear-great people, thank you thank you.

Name withheld by request

Dear Dr. Al Djindil and Staff,

I think your dental office is without question the very best I’ve ever been to. The treatment I had done has been painless. My smile with my new veneers is one to be proud of. I now have confidence.


Steve J.

To: Dear Dr. Cameron and Staff

My fear of smiling and having others notice the gaps and, otherwise poor condition of my teeth was only exceeded by my fear of going to the dentist. After seeing Dr. Al Djindil’s ad, I decided it was time to give it a try. I found Dr. Al Djindil’s office staff to be very friendly, helpful, and reassuring as were the dental hygienists and assistants. Dr. Al Djindil radiated such an air of self-confidence that I couldn’t help but feel relaxed and trusting. Dr. Al gave me back my smile and now I have an air of confidence about myself.

I wish to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Al and his staff for the wonderful work that they did.

Joan A.


Dear Dr. Al Dindil and Staff,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the ultimate dental experience. Your office, is the perfect atmosphere for anyone seeking professional dental care. Dr. Al Djindil is a painless perfectionist who makes your every visit a pleasurable experience. My attitude towards dental work, changed drastically because of your relaxing friendly environmnet and state-of-the-art dental facilities that keep you coming back to achieve your perfect smile and healthy teeth.

I would not hesitate to refer your office to friends and family and anyone who wants a radiant smile and beautiful teeth.

Thank you and Best Wishes!

Nina G.

Dear Dr. Cameron and Staff,

It is with great pleasure and gratitude I write this letter. I want to let you know how very happy I am with my newly acquired implant. I’m truly impressed to how natural this type of restoration is but most of all, it has given me the chance to regain my bite. I have no hesitation in recommending this procedure to anyone who has suffered tooth loss. Dr Al Djindil you have always kept me well informed and comfortable in maintaing my dental health. Your knowledge and expertise are impeccable and it is my pleasure to be your patient.

With much sincerity,

Shannon S.

Dear Dr. Al Djindil

I would like to thank you for making the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for me. You were thorough, and concise when you walked me through the course of treatment that you had meticulously planned for me, and consequently, there were no unexpected surprises, and my confidence level remained high.

You were proactive in your approach, and this resulted in very little inconvenience to me with regard to my ability to function normally. I have a busy lifestyle, and this was invaluable to me. I was able to eat well, and go out in public throughout the entire process. Any pain or discomfort was short lived, and easily managed.

There are many things in life that we invest in, for pleasure and comfort. Many of these items are transient, gone and forgotten in a few years time. The dental implants are an investment that will enhance my life, daily.


Carol Ann R.


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