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Meet the Dentists

Dr. Andrea Cameron, DDS

Dr. Andrea Cameron & Dr. Al Djindil  graduated with honours at the top of their classes from the The University of Toronto and The University of Western Ontario respectively with doctorate degrees in dental surgery. Both Doctors have received numerous awards recognizing their achievements in the academic and clinical dentistry.

Dr. Cameron, Dr. Al Djindil, & Dr. Goss have in excess of  84 years of combined clinical experience in the practice of general dentistry with an emphasis on appearance related and implant dental treatment. Over the years, through the art and science of enhancement dentistry, they have helped hundreds of people just like you achieve beautiful smiles and the self-confidence and personal satisfaction that go with them.




Dr. Al Djindil, DDS





Our Doctors are very personable, friendly and are fully dedicated to their work. Aside from constantly striving for clinical perfection, Dr. Cameron, Dr. Al Djindil and Dr. Goss always ensure that their patients are at all times comfortable, in control and are surrounded by courteous, helpful and friendly staff who are there to make the patients’ experience pleasant and stress-free. Through constant continuing education Dr. Cameron, Dr. Al Djindil and Dr. Goss continue to provide their patients with the utmost in modern cosmetic and implant dentistry.




Dr. Travis Goss Jr., DDS

Dr. Travis Goss Jr., DDS

Dr. Travis Goss has lived in Florida for most of his life, and has been practicing dentistry since graduating from Medical College of Georgia in 1985 near the top of his class.  He now resides in Naples where he is engaged in the full time practice of dentistry at the Naples Dental Studio. Through several decades of clinical experience, Dr. Goss brings utmost expertise to the treatment of a broad range of dental conditions in a modern, friendly and compassionate atmosphere with the patients’  best interests at his heart.






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